“At first, I thought it was only about water, but now I think it’s about the world. ‘cause the world needs its water, so we cannot litter ‘cause that hurts the environment/people/animals. So it’s about more than water, it’s about people, animals, plants and more environmental things… but the point is if you or anybody in the world wants to help, stop littering.” - Raina, student, Mitchell Elementary School



As we near the end of another adventure-packed year, we enjoyed reflecting on student feedback like Raina’s. Raina participated in a new school wide program at Mitchell Elementary integrating our core programming with their International Baccalaureate curriculum.
Every child at Mitchell Elementary participated in this program because of a single donor, a donor like you.

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LSNC’s educators visited Mitchell multiple times throughout the school year. Students, including Raina, learned about the importance of clean water and the insects, plants, trees and animals just beyond their school doors.


Because of you, students like Raina got to hike with their classmates in Mitchell Woods and go on field trips to Leslie Science & Nature Center. They conducted experiments on habitats in the classroom and studied water quality in the field. Raina and her classmates…they didn’t just learn about animals from a book, they experienced them first hand!


Donors like you helped us turn the forest and the vernal pond behind Raina’s school into an outdoor classroom through our programs.


But most important of all, Raina left the program understanding that we must protect the Earth. She understands that our fate is linked with the fate of the plants and animals around us.

This is the transformative power of your gift.


Leslie Science & Nature Center delivers award-winning environmental education based on the newest science standards. But, we also make sure kids get time to fall in love with nature.


You know how important it is for every child to have an active relationship with our natural world.


You also know how over-scheduling, too much screen time, and childhoods increasingly spent indoors separate kids from nature. Your generosity gets young people up and out into the woods.


For many children, LSNC’s programs are their first and only bridge to the natural world.


Your gifts allow children to build joyful connections to the natural world. You help us grow deeply-rooted stewards of the land. Help us realize our dream of expanding this program to every school in southeast Michigan.


All the children in our community deserve to have Raina’s experience. Join us in making that dream a reality.


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Because of you, and only because of you, we are creating moments of discovery that inspire curiosity, exploration and respect for STEM and the natural world.


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Susan Westhoff

Executive Director


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